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Best Ways for Process Servers to Stay Safe When Serving Papers

Being a process server can be a dangerous job, but there are always ways that servers can help to mitigate the risks. Adequately preparing for the service attempt, staying calm, and timing things right can help ensure all process servers stay safe while out in the field.

Preparation is Key

Experienced process servers are always prepared. Before stepping out of the office, it’s important to gather as much information as possible about the process recipient. Taking advantage of online sources, public records, and general word of mouth will help you to find the right information to get the job done right and safely. When you’re finished gathering the essential information, you should have:

  • Names, aliases, and nicknames
  • Photographs
  • Home, work, and other frequented addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • Known hangouts
  • Pending criminal charges and court dates
  • Background and criminal history

You may need to add or omit some items depending on the specific situation, but there’s no such thing as too much information. Finding out as much as you can during this initial research phase can save a lot of work on the back end. These preparations will allow you to serve in the safest manner possible for both you and the process recipient.

Staying Calm and Steadfast

Presenting yourself in a genuine fashion while serving processes may help you to avoid angering the recipient who will most likely be upset about the circumstances. It’s best to always approach recipients with a relaxed demeanor and casual body language. You should never clench your fists, yell, make threats, or become abusive in any way. It’s also undesirable to cross your arms, point fingers, or put your hands on your hips as it presents negative energy. It’s also important to speak clearly, concisely, and with a friendly tone.

No matter how nice you are, some recipients are so rattled by their perceived misfortune that they may lash out in an aggressive manner. Being prepared for these situations with a well-planned exit strategy is essential.

Finding the Right Time

By preparing yourself, you’ll know exactly when it is the safest time to approach your target. Catching process recipients in public areas is ideal as they are less likely to act out. This is especially important for recipients may who have a history of violence.

The type of process you are serving may also play an important role in your timing. For example, if you’re serving divorce papers, you should refrain from doing so with children in the vicinity or in front of their spouses. Be sure to consider all factors when planning your service attempts.

Safe, Reliable Process Servers in Tampa Bay

At Accurate Serve® in Tampa Bay, our process servers are safe, effective, and professional. No matter where your case’s process needs to be delivered or who the recipient is, we’ll get it there on time with verifiable proof of service. Call us at today (813) 544-6900 or send us a work requests online to get started.