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The Benefits of Hiring a Local Process Server

business womanWorking with a local process server offers a wide variety of advantages for your legal firm. Although some law companies choose to work with a nationwide process server, believing that they’re working with a ‘better quality’ firm, in many instances, working with a local process server can actually save time and money in the long run.

Here’s a few reasons why it’s beneficial to work with a locally based process server.

Advantages of Working with a Professional Local Process Server

  1. Speedy service. When you’re working alongside a professional local process server, you won’t need to worry about sending papers to a corporate HQ or office, which will then be delivered to someone else and so forth. Once given to a local process server, the papers will go immediately out for service, which greatly reduces waiting time.
  2. Smoother process. If you choose to work with a nationwide provider instead, the case is immediately given to someone else to work on. You won’t have access to these individuals, and instead, you’ll have to communicate via the ‘middle man’, which can hold things up. Dealing with a process server means that you’re communicating directly with the person handling your case.
  3. Save money. Working with a nationwide process server is generally more expensive, as more people are involved in the case. You’ll also be expected to pay more for express service and multiple attempts. A local process server is generally a lot cheaper.
  4. Efficiency. If you work with a reliable local process server, you’ll be working with a specialist, who has a proven track-record in the field. This ensures a fast, effective service, with minimal hassle for you and your legal team.

Tampa Bay Process Server

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