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Why You Should Hire a Process Server for Eviction Notices

Most legal matters are undesirable, and evictions are no exception. It’s never a pleasant event to have to force someone out of their home, but unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary for many reasons. While failure to pay rent is the most common cause of eviction, other reasons include criminal activity at the location, unauthorized tenants, pet violations, and more.

Once a landlord has made the decision to pursue an eviction, there is a very specific procedure that must be followed. Any deviation from this procedure can result in devastating judgments against the landlord, potentially costing them thousands of dollars. This is why it is so important to hire a professional process server to deliver eviction-related notices and paperwork to the defendants.

Private process servers offer the following benefits for eviction proceedings:

Ensure Compliance With Deadlines

Depending on the reason for the proposed eviction, landlords must issue either a three-day or seven-day notice of termination of the tenancy. If the tenancy is being terminated without reason, the landlord must wait until the end of the tenancy term to terminate. Once the tenant is notified of the intention to terminate the tenancy, the clock starts ticking. After the proper amount of time passes, the landlord can proceed with an eviction lawsuit if the tenant is still residing in the location in question.

Many tenants try to fight the eviction by saying that they were not provided with the notice of termination of tenancy. By using a private process server to deliver the tenancy termination notice, there is a third-party witness affirming that the tenant did, in fact, receive the required notice, adding credibility to the landlord’s case.

Avoid Uncomfortable Confrontations

Evictions are usually tense situations, and tempers can flare easily between tenants and landlords. By using a private process server, the landlord can place a buffer between themselves and the tenant while still providing them with the notice and information required by state law.

Proof of Service

As mentioned before, private process servers provide proof of proper service that is accepted by Florida courts. By attesting that all documents were delivered on time, and to the correct persons, process servers act as a witness of sorts for landlords pursuing eviction lawsuits.

Hire a Process Server in Tampa Bay

If you are considering evicting a tenant from one of your properties, don’t deal with the process alone. Instead, use one of our knowledgeable process servers at Accurate Serve® of Tampa Bay to make sure you have documented evidence of all notices and documents that the tenant has received. Call (813) 544-6900 or send us to work requests online to get started today!