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Tips to Know if a Process Server is Legitimate

Once your civil case is filed, your next step is to find a legitimate process server to serve the defendants and witnesses in your case. But how can you tell a reputable server from a scammer? Ask yourself the following questions to make sure you’re choosing a credible server who won’t derail your case:

Are They Certified?

Process servers working in Tampa Bay must be certified by Florida’s 13th Judicial Circuit. Certification involves training, passing an examination, posting a surety bond, and more. If the process server you are considering cannot prove certification, then no process that they serve will be considered valid by a Florida court. Continue reading

Can Process Servers Wear Body Cameras?

In a world where it seems like violent crime is on the rise, many people have begun protecting themselves by recording video and audio of their surroundings at all times. Law enforcement officers often wear body cameras while on the job to keep an accurate and indisputable record of their actions and the actions of those around them. But can process servers also legally use body cameras while working?

Advantages of Body Cameras

It’s no secret that the serving process can be a dangerous job, so anything a process server can do to make their job safer is great. Wearing a body camera while the serving process has two distinct advantages – it provides indisputable evidence that the process was served to the correct person on the date and time the server indicates, and it can also deter violent or aggressive behavior by a process recipient. This means body cameras can protect a process server’s reputation and prevent physical harm. Continue reading

How to Know if a Process Server is Authentic

Why would someone pretend to be a process server? To scam you out of your hard-earned cash! Scammers have seeped into literally every aspect of our lives these days, and the process serving industry is no exception. We frequently get calls from people who trusted a cut-rate server with their case’s process, only to have them disappear with the money and the paperwork, never serving it as promised. Not that it would matter if they did, because uncertified process servers are not allowed in Hillsborough County at all. Any process an uncertified process server delivers is not valid and can be grounds for dismissal of an entire case.

Wondering how you can tell if a process server is legit? Use our guide below to vet candidates, and if any don’t check all the boxes, make it a hard pass. Continue reading

When Do I Need a Process Server?

A process server is a person who delivers documents to a specific recipient, typically legal documents. If you’ve initiated any type of court filing in Tampa Bay, you may be wondering if you should use a process server to deliver the related documents. In almost all cases, the answer is yes.

Process servers can be helpful in virtually any type of legal case. Process servers ensure there is no question about whether a defendant or witness has been made aware of the upcoming case.

Process servers can also help in non-legal matters, such as helping locate a missing person or retrieving documents.

Here are a few examples of different legal issues that can benefit from using a process server: Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About Skip Tracing

What is a Skip Trace?

A skip trace is the process of finding a person using various resources, including public records, directories, social media, background information, and more.

Who Can Skip Tracing Find?

A skip trace can be used to locate literally anyone. While skip traces are common in legal situations, they have many other valid uses as well. Continue reading

What is a Process Server Allowed to Do?

Filing a complaint is usually the first step in starting a lawsuit. This complaint outlines your allegations against another party and must be officially served on them so they can answer back with their side of the story. All of this happens before anyone appears in an actual courtroom.

Serving legal documents such as these requires hiring a certified process server who knows the rules about delivering, or serving, crucial case documents.

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a person who delivers legal documents to another person, often through personal delivery or by post. The process server must try to hand the document to the recipient in person, and if they are not available after several attempts, then the process server may request permission to serve the person by alternative means. Continue reading

Is it Legal to Serve Process Through Social Media?

Social media is nothing if not controversial. Privacy concerns, misinformation campaigns, political violence…what happened to the good old days of just sharing what you ate for dinner? As social media becomes more entrenched in our daily lives, how will it affect the industries and jobs that keep our country running?

Process serving has always required in-person delivery for almost all cases. Using digital platforms, such as social media, to serve process has been frowned upon for many reasons: Continue reading

Advantages of Hiring Process Servers in Foreclosure Cases

Foreclosure cases can be very difficult for everyone involved. At the base level, you have an individual or family that is losing their home or business. Law enforcement has the ugly job of making sure the residents leave as directed by a court. The court system must make sure that the foreclosure is being done within the confines of the law in the state of Florida. And finally, banks and financing companies must spend time and money repairing the property so it can be sold to another buyer.

Anything you can do to make the foreclosure process easier is a good idea, and using a reputable process server to handle the delivery of foreclosure paperwork is a great way to do so.  Continue reading

April Newsletter 2022

Message from the Founder

We have great news in the process serving world in regards to service of process originating from the great state of Michigan.  The Governor signed Senate Bill 244 into law on March 23, 2022.  The law will go into effect 180 days from that date, so September 20, 2022.

What does the Bill say and what changes will take place? The main change in this Bill is the change of the current requirement of needing Affidavits of Service to only requiring a written Statement of Service, or a Return of Service that does not need to be notarized. A Return of Service is without notary and an Affidavit of Service has a notary block on it.

If you are an Attorney in Michigan, this article is a Heads Up for you. If you start seeing Returns of Service for MI cases now, that is not good. But, if you start seeing them closer to the end of the year, just know that it is proper at that point (after 9-20-22).

The entire Bill is attached for your viewing pleasure.

Beau Charlet

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Bring on the sunshine! Spring is here and as it does every year it brings a change of seasons. Out with the old and in with the new for 2022! This year Accurate Serve® Plantation has a big change to share as well. There has been a change in ownership and management for the Plantation office. Moving forward, when you reach out to our Plantation office you will be greeted by myself and my team. I personally have over 8 years of experience in the industry and operating Accurate Serve® Offices. My team oversees offices throughout Fort Myers, Port St. Lucie, Dallas and Houston and I am excited to extend our customer services into the Miami area.

There will be no changes to the way that you send us work. You can email the documents for service to [email protected] or submit the work through our websites ‘send work’ tab here

What you can expect moving forward is, friendly and professional customer service, timely responses to emails/phone calls and updates on jobs. Quick turnaround on signed returns/affidavits.

Accurate Serve® Plantation is revamped for the 2022 year and I am excited to work with our current and new clients down the road. My office is here for any of your processing serving needs, no matter the location of service you can email us the documents. My team will always confirm receipt of your emails and we will keep you updated on our progress for each job.

If you are a current customer, THANK YOU! Your business is greatly appreciated and I have enjoyed meeting you through phone and email conversations. If you have used our services in the past, please contact us the next time you are in need of service in order to meet our new team. I look forward to assisting Attorneys and Paralegals alike with your process serving needs and earning your business.

Thank you,

Brandon Muscato
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Did you know that FL courts started e-filing on 4-1-13?  That was close to 9 years ago. Before e-filing, we would walk stacks of cases into the Clerk’s office and let them stamp and file everything with hard copies. Those sure were different times.
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How to Find the Best Process Server?

If you’re in need of a quality, reliable process server, you may be wondering where to start looking. In a huge area like Tampa Bay, how do you narrow down all the choices?

In this post, we’ll discuss our top tips for finding the best process server near you so you can get back to what you’re best at – winning cases for your clients.

Ask for Recommendations

When you file your case with the local court clerk, you’re in a great place to ask for process server recommendations. Court personnel must deal with process servers daily, so they likely know which ones are doing their jobs well. They may also have a printed list you can take with you. Continue reading