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Personal Injury

Car Accidents, Dog Bites and Slip and Falls

Most Personal Injury cases that are filed are for car accident cases. That being said, we also include Boat and Motorcycle Accidents in that category. Car Accidents happen. Not only do they happen, they happen every day and multiple times daily. It can range from a minor fender bender to an all out wreck. In the more severe cases, injury is almost a sure fire occurrence. If you are the victim, you may seek compensation for your damaged vehicle and/or bodily harm. Hire an attorney and then tell that Attorney you want Accurate Serve to serve those legal documents. That’s what we’re here for, you at your time of need.

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend, right? I agree. I totally love dogs, we are proud to have sponsored and donated to the SPCA Tampa Bay. Have you ever been bit by someone else’s dog? Do you have children? What if they were bit by a neighbor’s dog? Wouldn’t you be furious? Well, rather than fight a bite with more force, take that person to court. Although it may not make up for the pain you or your loved ones have endured, you may be able to recoup fees paid for doctor visits or other emotional stress that may have been a result of another person’s negligence.

Have you seen those yellow signs in your local grocery store? Yes they are hideous but they are crucial in maintaining one’s safety. Picture yourself pushing your metal shopping cart down Aisle 1. You just put the cheese, milk and biscuits in your cart. You turn the corner down the Latin food aisle and just as you’re getting exciting about some burritos w/ salsa, boom you slip on a puddle of water and fall flat on your back. What happened? Did someone drop a bottle of water? Did an employee spill some water out of the mop bucket? Is the cooler on aisle 1 not working right and leaking water on to aisle 2? In any case, it is up to the store owner, manager and employees to provide you, as the customer, a safe place to do your grocery shopping. Had there been a big ugly yellow sign, your accident may have been prevented and thus saving you from harm and humility.

There are a few other scopes of Personal Injury cases. Be sure to hire an Attorney who specializes in these types of cases. When you hire this Attorney, ask them who they use for process service. If it’s not Accurate Serve, ask them to use us for your case. We will be sure to serve the Defendants quickly and accurately.