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Process Server Tampa

Attorneys, paralegals, and individuals throughout the Tampa Bay area turn to Accurate Serve for reliable service of process and delivery of other court documents. Our professional staff will complete service on the other party in your case according to the court rules in effect in this jurisdiction. We offer affordable rates, and a reputation you can trust.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Process Server

Florida state law and local court rules do not require you to hire a professional process server. Nevertheless, it makes sense to do so in almost every case. The Sheriff department in this area is dealing with budget cuts and reductions in staff, meaning you will wait longer to have your documents served by that agency. There is no reason to wait. Accurate Serve can go to work immediately, locating your party, delivering your documents, and filing the necessary paperwork to prove service was made.

We Will Track Down your Person or Entity

Whether you need to serve a tenant, spouse, litigant, corporation, or any other party, Accurate Serve can make it happen. We are experts at tracking down those who don’t necessarily want to be found – in Tampa, or anywhere else for that matter. Our professional process servers can handle your divorce papers, foreclosure summonses, evictions, subpoenas, and more. And when we do locate the party to be served, you can rest assured we will handle the matter quickly, politely, and in accordance with the law.

Our Staff is the Most Qualified in the Business

Not all Florida process servers are equally qualified. Our Tampa office is staffed by accredited process servers with active membership in the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers (FAPPS) and the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS). We are much more than a courier service. Our staff is trained in all aspects of e-filing in Hillsborough County, and we are familiar with the ins and outs of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure as they relate to service of process.

Fast and Successful Service of Process

Serving process in Tampa is an unpredictable business, but every job we handle has one thing in common – it needs to be completed quickly. Summonses, complaints, petitions, orders, and other legally significant documents have deadlines associated with their service, and we do not miss deadlines. Not only will we serve your papers in a timely manner, but we will make sure it is done right. Other Florida process servers have been known to conduct improper service, but not Accurate Serve. You can be sure your service will have full legal effect.

Access to our Network of Process Servers

Need to accomplish service of process on a party outside of Tampa? At Accurate Serve, we have offices in other parts of the state ready to serve your documents. We also maintain an extensive network of qualified process servers across the United States and elsewhere. We have successfully served parties in Europe, Asia, and in other parts of the world. Regardless of the geographic reach of your lawsuit, we will make sure your documents are served, and the proper returns are filed with the court.

If you require service of process in Tampa, contact us today to learn how we can help.