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Civil Litigation

Do You Need Representation as the Plaintiff or Defendant?

As the Plaintiff, you are the person who feels wronged. You are the one who initiates the lawsuit by hiring legal counsel. In these cases, Attorneys generally draft a Complaint and other supporting Exhibits or documents. The case is filed w/ the Clerk of Court and generally a Summons or Summonses are issued. To allow the Courts to obtain jurisdiction over the matter, the Defendants need to be served with said Summons and Complaint. This informs opposing parties of the lawsuit and allows them an opportunity to defend itself.

As the Defendant, it is on you to prove the lawsuit is incorrect or unjust. You would hire a Defense Attorney in this case. If the Plaintiff is alleging bodily harm, physical damages, etc. your Attorney may hire process servers to serve Records Subpoenas aka Subpoena Duces Tecum. The allow the defense to see Doctors records, Employment records, etc. in order to build a strong defense to help your case.

Whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant, there are a few things that don’t change. You need an Attorney on your side fighting for your rights. AND, you need to be sure your Attorney uses Accurate Serve. We are experts in serving civil process whether it be the initial Summons and Complaint on behalf of the Plaintiff or Subpoena Duces Tecums in order to help the defense. We know what we’re doing and we will be sure your papers are served accordingly.

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