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“Criminal lawyers see bad people at their best, and divorce lawyers see good people at their worst.”

People get arrested, it happens. Whether it be speeding, stealing, etc., people are going to go to jail. The amount of time one spends in a jail depends on how good an Attorney you may have. Ask for referrals, check clerk websites to see who represents people in similar cases. You don’t want to spend any time in jail. Make sure to hire the best criminal defense Attorney you can.

From the process serving side of things, we can help too. We serve a ton of criminal witness subpoenas. These are witnesses that may help your case. Some times you may think these witnesses are friendly and want to help you. Well, how many of them want to take time off work to sit at a court house all day? Not many. So, have your Attorney serve them with a Witness Subpoena to appear in court. Once served, those parties are compelled to attend. There are a lot of ins and outs on serving criminal witness subpoenas and lucky for you, we know those ins and outs.