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Family Law

The Divorce Rate in America Continues to Rise

A Dissolution of Marriage is a more legal way to say divorce.  In this day and age of social media, the divorce rate continues to increase.  With a divorce being one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, it is highly recommended to get legal representation.*Quick Disclaimer, we are not Attorneys and can NOT offer legal advice.What we can do though is to ensure the best process servers around are delivering the legal notice to the opposing party on your behalf.  Generally, divorce papers come in the form of a Summons, Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Civil Cover Sheet, Email Designation and other pleadings that you or your Attorney wants served with the Summons and Petition.

The Joys and Worries About Expanding Your Family

The adoption process can be an exciting one for all those involved but it can also be a very difficult process.  Having a trustworthy attorney who can advocate for their Clients is a must.  Equally important is hiring an experienced process server so they can notify opposing parties of upcoming court dates, perform diligent searches, etc.

Sometimes grandparents of children may fight for custody if they feel the birth parents are not capable of caring for the child.  In these cases, emotions run high and serving the birth parents with the legal documents can be a hostile experience.  Trust Accurate Serve, we’re pros when it comes to these matters.

Which Party is Responsible for Paying Child Support?

Child support can be tricky.  Some cases are initially filed but then service is still needed 12-15 years later due to child support issues or modifications.  There are several factors that determine who pays support and how much needs to be paid.  We highly suggest you hire an attorney to fight for you.  When you hire that Attorney, tell them they need to use the best process server around, Accurate Serve.

It’s Not Often We Say This….

When it comes to serving Domestic Violence Injunctions, we can NOT serve these for you.  Per Florida Law, Domestic Violation Injunctions are an Enforceable Process and must be done by the Sheriff.  Private Process Servers only serve Non-Enforceable Civil Process.