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When Can a Home Be Seized as a Criminal Nuisance?

Foreclosure isn’t the only reason that a homeowner can lose his home. As was recently demonstrated in a Kansas City neighborhood, cities are able to use the power of property forfeiture as a crime-fighting tool. Based on the concept of forfeiture, those who commit crimes cannot maintain ownership of the property they used to commit those crimes. This extends to drug kingpins, embezzlers, racketeers, and violent offenders.

In Kansas City, Missouri, city officials utilize a listening system called Shot Spotter to detect gunshots in urban areas. The system is advanced enough to identify the specific address from which shots occur. One specific Kansas City neighborhood has become known for its brawls, crowds, and unusual quantity of gunfire. According to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, “Over 200 shots have been fired from this residence, or around this residence, in the past year.” In response, Baker served papers to the homeowners in the neighborhood to inform them that their properties could be seized if the criminal violence did not stop soon. Continue reading

The Many Dangers of Evictions

Having a safe and comfortable place to live is a basic human desire, but it is nonetheless very common for people to act in a way that causes them to be evicted from their homes. Eviction is the legal process a landlord can take to force a tenant to vacate the property that he or she is renting. Failure to pay rent and failure to adhere to the lease are the two most common reasons that evictions occur. The process servers who have the responsibility of serving eviction notices are always prepared for conflict, and as these situations prove, serving eviction documents can be a dangerous job. Continue reading

Understanding the Different Types of Summons

The American court system presides over a wide range of legal issues, making it necessary for very specific and formulaic documentation to handle each court case efficiently. A summons is the first document to be created at the time a new lawsuit is filed, and it serves a number of important purposes.

What Is a Summons?

In general, any summons is a court document that states the names of the plaintiff and defendant, the title and file number of the case, the court and its address, the involved attorneys and their addresses, and instructions regarding the process and timeframe for the defendant to file a response. A summons is so important because it provides all parties involved in a lawsuit with the basic information necessary to participate and remain informed. An alias or pluries summons is the second summons served if the first is not able to be delivered successfully. Continue reading

The Real Reasons You Need a Process Server

Most people know that they need a doctor, dentist, and mechanic to handle their health and automotive problems, but what about legal problems? If you find yourself embroiled in a court battle of some kind, you will most likely need a process server to deliver court orders and documents on your behalf. Here are the basic facts that you should know as you begin that process. Continue reading

Is It Possible Drones Will Play a Role in Process Serving?

41962833 - hexacopter uav drone in support of agriculture

There’s no denying it; we are living in an age of unpredictable and awe inspiring technological advancements. From medical miracles to self-driving cars, many of the things being developed today would have been unthinkable even 20 years ago. Now Small Unmanned Aircrafts, informally known as drones, are forcing the the civil process service industry to potentially evolve in very unexpected ways. Continue reading

Lessons Learned from a Process Server

safety-work-safetyThe courageous men and women who work as process servers gain a unique education throughout their careers, especially when it comes to serving recipients who are desperate to avoid service. Below is a compilation of lessons from process servers who have seen it all.

Sometimes Service Has to Be Sneaky Continue reading

Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Promoting Process Server Safety

44075850 - safety first concept with red key on computer keyboardThe phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger” is never more relevant than in the case of process servers, whose daily responsibilities require them to deliver papers that inform people of their involvement in potentially devastating lawsuits. Despite not having anything to do with the lawsuits, process servers are all too often blamed for the defendant’s legal woes, and some recipients have quite literally shot their messengers. Continue reading

The First Lawsuit Has Been Served via Twitter

36275240 - valentine twitterIt’s hard to remember a time before Facebook dominated the Internet, but even still it caused major waves when estranged spouses began receiving permission from judges to serve their divorces via Facebook Messenger. Now Twitter, a much newer site and most infamously known for the platform utilized for rantings by presidential candidate Donald Trump, has been approved as an appropriate venue to serve a lawsuit.

The Changing Nature of Social Media Continue reading

Chris Brown’s Newest Legal Troubles are with a Process Server

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Chris Brown is a talented singer, but he’s also notorious for his violent tendencies. The troubled R&B star is known just as much for his music as for the fact that he physically assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. He’s been in jail, entangled in community service, and on the bad end of a string of unfortunate social media confrontations. Now Brown can add process server and life coach as two new sources of legal woes. Continue reading

One UK Man Sues His Son’s School

35545818 - group of students in classroomAll schools have a responsibility to educate their student and equip them with the tools they will need to succeed throughout life, but some schools are under more pressure than others. Abbotsholme School, for example, is an independent private boarding school located in Staffordshire, England. The school prides itself on offering the highest tier of education to encourage independent thinkers, develop curious thinkers, and provide a progressive education. Continue reading