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Love Thy Neighbor and Hope They Aren’t Hoarders, LOL

Do you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association (HOA)? Sometimes these HOA’s can get a bad wrap. And other times, that wrap is justified. The idea behind a HOA is good. Establish a list of guidelines in which the community should act upon. below are some examples:

Do’s – Put your trash down only on garbage pick up days. Maintain your yard. Treat Neighbors w/ respect. Pay your HOA bills, power bills, etc. in a timely manner. Respect the common areas.

Don’ts (this list is longer) – Don’t park your car on your lawn. Don’t keep old electronic equipment on your yard. Don’t paint your house a crazy neon pink and lime orange. Don’t treat you or your neighbor’s yard like an ash tray. Don’t play loud obnoxious music, especially late at night. Don’t turn your house into a bar at night and try to charge neighbors for adult beverages.

In any case, the idea of a HOA is great. If you live in a place w/ a HOA, be mindful. Some HOAs are good at enforcing their guidelines and others HOAs, not so much. What happens if a house is owned by someone and the renter is causing issues? What happens when 10-20 neighbors aren’t paying their HOA bills? Contact an Attorney who handles these matters and discuss your options.

When discussing those options, talk up Accurate Serve. We know more than the average Joe in regards to HOA matters.