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Three Day Notices For Property Managers

Although it is an unpleasant task to evict non-paying tenants, it is necessary. If tenants are not paying rent, or are constantly struggling to pay rent on time, you have the right to remove these tenants and find new tenants who will respect their lease agreement and pay rent in a timely manner, with no difficulties or issues.

Similarly, if upon inspection your rental property has been mistreated or is in an unsuitable condition, these are also grounds for evicting tenants, as they are required to treat your property with care and respect for the duration of their lease. If this is not the case, tenants should be removed to allow for the arrival of new tenants who will treat your property with respect. If you’re looking to remove tenants from your property, one common and effective method is through the use of a three day eviction notice.

Advantages Of A Three Day Notice

A three day notice is an eviction notice commonly served before the final notice of eviction. It is effective for removing unwanted tenants from your property in a timely manner, while still providing them with sufficient notice to leave from a legal point of view. There are numerous advantages of providing tenants with a three day notice:

  • The tenant is provided with enough time to make alternative arrangements
  • Three days notice is perfectly legal and you will not be vulnerable to a lawsuit from the tenant
  • Tenants can be evicted rapidly if you have a more suitable tenant wanting to move into your property
  • If a tenant is not paying rent, it is better to remove them quickly rather than losing more money, and a three day notice facilitates this

Serving a three day notice is a simple process, and will provide you with a highly favorable outcome. The unwanted tenant will be removed, and replaced by a more suitable tenant in a shorter time period by serving a three day notice.

Serving A Three Day Notice

At Accurate Serve, we are able to serve a three day notice to your tenant for you. This will ensure that they are removed from the property in a timely manner with no fuss or drama. You won’t have to deal with the tenant at all; just explain your situation and we will take care of the rest.

If you are a property manager, it is essential that you have reliable, trustworthy and mature tenants who are able to pay their rent on time and will respect your property unconditionally. Unfortunately, this is too often not the case, and in such situations, these tenants must be evicted before they cause damage to your property or cause you substantial financial loss.

A three day notice is a legal, rapid method for removing unsuitable tenants. Accurate Serve will ensure that your three day notice is served professionally and promptly. Contact our team today for more information in Tampa at (863) 873-6691.