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What Challenges do Process Servers Face?

Process serving is a challenging profession. Process servers guarantee that a person’s constitutional right to due process is upheld. However, despite the fact that they are essential, process servers face many obstacles. Some of the most common challenges process servers face are:

Evasive targets

A process server in disguise, sneaking up on a defendant, is quite cliche. There’s no good reason to avoid a process server in the first place since the case will eventually move on regardless, but it doesn’t stop people from trying. Having to hunt down a defendant or witness adds unnecessary time and cost to a case while delaying resolution.

Inaccurate information

Process servers conduct extensive research to find the information they need to locate a target. When this information is not correct, it wastes time and money visiting unnecessary locations. Then, even more time must be spent researching the target. All of these delays can lead to court dates being rescheduled and causes inconveniences to all parties involved.

Risk of violence

A hostile target is every process server’s fear. It’s understandable that no one ever really wants to be served, but it’s still necessary for the functioning of our legal system. Prudent process servers will look into a target’s criminal history, including violent incidents, and plan accordingly. Lessen the risk with violent targets by only attempting service in public and using casual body language. Bringing another party to the service attempt may also be a good idea for safety.

Sometimes, a process server’s job can be life-threatening, even though they provide a vital legal service. Our servers here at Accurate Serve® of Tampa Bay know how to navigate the obstacles and get your process served quickly and competently. Call (813) 544-6900 or send us a work request online to find out how we can take the burden of service of process off of your shoulders!